Dec 12, 2010

Sunday Snapshot ~My favorite memories on the tree~

My ornament from my 5th Christmas

FOUND this ornament at a thrift store when Hannah was born

Hubby bought this when we were waiting

Sister found this at her Hallm*rk store

Made with jingle bells...came with the ladybug

My fave winter snack

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Dec 5, 2010

Sunday Snapshot ~Tree Trimming and Hall Decking~

We decked our halls and wrapped presents today.  It really makes it feel like Christmas when the tree goes up and you start pulling ornaments (memories) out of the boxes.  Soooo much fun remembering where they came from and who gave them to us.  We also placed our new ones for this yr.  Each year I try to have the kids pick out ornaments that mean something to them.  Mainly what they have loved the previous year.  Hannah has taken a liking to penguins....they are cute and cuddly looking.  Claire continues to ask for ice skating lessons.  I have tried to explain our geography doesn't lend to ice being around ANY time of the yr.  Kevin is really loving robots now.  I am sure it is something he has learned from his guy friends....he often walks around saying..."I am a robot I am a robot:" funny little man.  I bought the shopping snowlady...I felt like a professional shopper since I am done by Dec. 5!!!!!!

Bringing home our tree

Helping dad with decorations

Sweet picture....sorry about the hair

some of our ornaments were very friendly

Claires skates

Kevins robot

Huge tree

Merry Christmas

Shopping snowlady

Plumy penguin

Wishing a happy and peaceful holiday season for all.

Dec 3, 2010


This is what 6:30 am looked like....."am I four now?  am I taller?"

Watching the "amazing candle"

We first saw these candles in China and knew we had to have one....he LOVED it

Digging in with forks...lovely tradition

We can't believe he is really 4.

Kevin, you are such a joy to have in our family.  God knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he selected you for our family.  We love you more and more everyday.  You have been really learning to trust us and love us with your hole heart.  You adore both of your sisters....that also includes your fair share of bickering.  All wonderful normal things for a great childhood.  It is so hard to see you grow so fast, yet it is so wonderful to see you learning new things all the time and feeling so proud of yourself.  You love football, spiderman, Chinese food, Mexican food, Italian food, well you get the picture.  You love all the shows on N*ck Jr. and want to be like Diego someday.  You love cars and making all the wonderful boy noises that come with them.  You are such a wonderful snuggler and love to be held.  We love you all the way to the moon and around the world

Every call has a beginning. A quiet moment when God whispers a promise to a mother’s heart . A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts the journey set before him. A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns… Casting its first light on a chosen threshold. A gentle knock..a closed door opens, a sacred invitation sent by the Father.. leads to the other side of the world. Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows praying for someone to care.. and then one morning, on an ordinary day an orphan’s life changes... God sends them a second chance...Through you..
--author unknown
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Favorite Poem

We are a family now, a whole,of which you are a part,and you are just as much our child as any in our heart. We do not love you differently,nor would we give up less of all that life has given us to bring you happiness.There is no limit to our love,no boundary you might cross,no price you may be asked to pay,no need to fear its loss. We are now one, the five of us,windows of one home. As long as we have life and breath,You’ll never be alone.~Nicholas Gordon

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