Apr 30, 2009

31 days ago....

We went from this.....
.......to this everyday

How we love this funny boy. He is learning so many new things everyday. He has gone from confused to confident, baffled to bold, and from hurting to healing. He opens up to us more everyday. He loves to chase and be chased by his sisters. He is understanding what it is like to be part of a family. The good things and the bad things....sharing..oooo bad. He has learned where to come for comfort and guidance. He still doesn't like strangers....good indication of bonding. He shows us all his best everyday. He is truly a boy of nature. He loves the sun on his face and wind to blow dandilion seeds everywhere. He doesn't like dirty hands....but loves to play in the dirt. He is learning about the trampoline and scaring his mother on a daily basis. Did I mention he is the best eater in the house?? He loves vegetables and protein in any form. I am hoping he will teach his sibling to eat so well. He is up for any new food we give him.

How wonderous is God's love for us that he would chose to bless us with him. We will continue to love and nourish him as long as we live. We will gladly lay down our lives for this precious son that has been bestowed to us. Thank you father for your beautiful gift.

Apr 27, 2009

no title

Our sweet boy

Loving the camera


No more photos please

See what I mean.....read below

Standing in the tub+slick boy= black eye. POOR BABY

We continue to adjust to daily life. We are learning to share more each day...but it remains a work in progress. You may notice that the 2 young ones are together alot in pics....that is only to be able to see what the other one is getting/or has. They don't get THAT one past me. I see more survivor actions from Claire. She has taken to "putting things up so that they are safe" she is hiding things so that only she may get them. You can't believe the places I find toys. She is eating faster....she used to eat really fast. She doesn't want anything left on her plate (that she would normally eat) that Kevin might be able to have. Sometimes it makes me sad to see this old behavior coming out...I wish there were a magic spell (see how much time I spend playing princess and queen????) to help her understand that there will always be enough THINGS and LOVE to take care of everyone.
Hannah remains in the spotlight with Kevin. She is a teen so she is hot and cold. He seems ok with that as well. I am so proud of my girls for allowing their hearts to be open to this precious boy sent from God.

Apr 21, 2009

Random pics from the week.

It's 90 degrees....he wont' wear a shirt

Back of new haircut

New haircut.....hated it the entire time. No amount of candy helped

Letting Libby lay with him

Leaving the doctors' office.

Not having a good time at the doctor. 3 shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 18, 2009

One week as a complete family

Wearing a shower cap and playing with the mouse

Only home a week and already knows this. OOOPPPSSS

This is what we think about sharing. But loving the caps

My first outing with "both of them"

Sharing TV time. Getting better at it everyday. SIGH

We have been a family of 5 (at home) for 1 wk now. Things are running pretty smoothly. There are things that will take many months to work on....we are in this for the duration. Kevin simply adores his sisters. I can't say that enough. I have returned so many emails this week...forgive me if I repeat myself. I can't remember who I have told these things to. Claire and Kevin are two peas seprated at birth. They have to have all things alike. Same amount of chips (Claire) and the same place on Mom's lap (Kevin). Although the time on mom's lap is really great, he still isn't as fond of me yet as the others. He wants me first thing in the am...I really soak that in. When Hannah gets up in the am it is all about her. Then Dad comes home from work and it is all about him. When Hannah leaves for school Kevin wants to play with Claire....that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.
Claire is having a really hard time with sharing and allowing Kevin to have love from the rest of us. I had prepared for this, I thought, but it is REALLY bad. She has really gone backwards on bonding and attachment. She is really whiny and clingy. I know this will pass, when she really discovers that there is enough love to go around. She is also confused by Kevin's size. I continue to explain that he is just a baby and doesn't understand everything she is saying. She replys "he doesn't really look like a baby. he looks like a kid" It is a struggle some days as she can really be unreasonable, but we make it through most times. I can't give into Kevin all the time, but she must also learn that some of the toys were bought especially for Kevin.
This is how he awakens......at 4:00 a.m. Getting later everyday.....
He loves to be outside and swing and slide. He was frightened of the swing at first but Hannah perservered and now he loves it. He loves to go really high....just enough to make my heart hurt. He has begun to take naps in his bed but continues in the pack and play for nighttime. He still cries out a couple of times in the night, but a gentle word reminds him we are there and he drops right back to sleep. He continues to be tender-hearted towards his sisters. He doesn't like to see them upset. If Hannah tries to lure him away when Claire is upset, he tells her something that I am sure doesn't translate well. He will then stand and point to Claire and say those things to Hannah. As if to say,"do you see I am busy here? sister in crisis." He still only tolerates the dogs. He likes to look at books....this is still a work in progress. He had help from his foster mother, but really hadn't seen many books before then. He doesn't really like there to be words spoken, just looking at pictures. He loves to go in the car. We have to be careful that we don't even say that word in conversation, it is the only word he understands, so he thinks we are talking about going. He loves new shoes. It is really cute to watch him walk around in new shoes and show EVERYONE.
We will be going to church with him on Sun. We have a congregation of about 1000. I hope this doesn't overwhelm him. He won't go to Bible class unless he wants to go with Claire. I hope to get him used to the singing and such in "big church" for a few weeks and then try the 2hr stint that includes Bible class. Most everyone understands about not touching him, but they still want to stand around and look at him. This still continues to overstimulate him and he becomes upset. Pray for the best.

Apr 15, 2009

Novice mistake


We don't need no stinkin' naps.

Apr 14, 2009

Things to remember...

(thanks Mark)

*He comforts Claire when she is upset. That is quite often now that her princess staus has been shaken.

*He really wants to make sure she is ok before proceeding with play.

*He is really beginning to tolerate the dogs. Still no barking is allowed, but they may come in the house.

*He still can't get enough of his biggest sister. Vice versa

*He had fried chicken and liked it. Ate the whole leg, and liked the cole slaw as well.

*He is converting to American time faster than we thought. I believe we will change in 2 more days. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*He has begun to let us rock him at night. He still wants to fall alseep in his bed, but he is letting us comfort him more.

*He is a perfect fit for our family

Apr 13, 2009

Easter baskets

Our new older sister....she loves the role.

Duck caller??

Kevin found Claire's doll stroller....more his size

She can't take her eyes off him...this is the best I could do.

Lovin' the loot

Her favorite....jellybeans

Action shot...getting up to potty

Wow...4 am comes early

Just a few shots of kids and baskets. Still recovering from jetlag. Doing better, getting more sleep. It has been rainy since we returned...hoping for sunshine so we can spend more time outside and get more sun to help with sleeping. I may have to break out the melatonin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 12, 2009

Home Sweeeeeet home

LAX...enjoying a movie and a mocha

International flight. Pillow and blanket ready.

He wants the earphones back on.

Playing in GZ airport.

Tired of toys....try toothpicks. He put them in their and was so proud.

I am going to America.

Chinese toll booths

Last ride without a seatbelt.

This way to the airport.

We had a long but mainly uneventful trip home. I can't believe what a good traveler our little one was. He was so intrigued by the planes and people, we didn't have to do much entertaining. He got the whole travel thing right away. He knew he wanted to buckle up and never seemed to be bothered by any of the take offs and landings. He loved that food or snacks were served everytime we flew, so that really helped alot.
He LOVES Hannah. I can't say that enough. Remember how attached to Duane he was in China? Kevin has snubbed Duane on more than one occasion to be with Hannah. The Lord is truly the knower of all our hearts. Hannah has her baby brother who adores him (and vice versa I might add) and Duane and I have time to concentrate on Claire. Did I mention that competition started immediately with that one?? Claire needs some undivided attention for the next few days. So Kevin and Hannah can hang, while we remind Claire that she is a huge part of this family. Sleeping is an ongoing process. We are going to feel our way around that for a few days.

I am so glad that the Lord decided that we were worthy of this sweet boy. He is such a fighter but yet his spirit remains gentle. Claire became upset over something minor, so we were all trying to gently comfort her....Kevin reached over and gently rubbed her back....it brought tears to my eyes. God has designed this family so gloriously and perfectly. I am ashamed I every doubted that he was in complete and perfect control.

Thanks to all who lifted us up during our travels. Your prayers were definitely heard and answered.

Apr 9, 2009

Last post from China

Can you guess what he is doing?????

Yep...trying to eat the bubbles!!!!!!!!!!!!


Everyone wanted to help

He LOVED sliding while laying down

Sweet boy loving the slide

This was my friend at the park....he followed me everywhere

Today we had a lazy day and park time. How he loves to be outside. He will enjoy our backyard and the girls sooooo much. How precious this boy is to us, how thankful we are that God chose us to be his parents. His sisters love to see him on the camera and they can't wait to finally wrap THEIR arms around him. He has completed our family in a way that is hard to put on paper. My heart is peaceful and really full. We have been blessed three times without deserving any of them. Sweet Lord how we want to use our talents for you. We will stay at home for a few days to let Kevin get used to his new digs. We can't wait for our church family to see him and love on him more. Since he did so wonderful on the plane ride from Nanjing to GZ, I have high hopes for the long trip home. I am sad that he will be leaving his culture and all that is familiar to him, but he is so adaptable, I know he will be fine.

Thanks so much for following our journey to bring Kevin home.....now the real fun begins!!!!

Apr 8, 2009

Red couch and consulate...saying goodbye

Our American citizen enjoying more catsup

I push and he holds dads' hand

Mark and his precious babies

Sweet Eden

The boys tryin' to get more camera time

This is the best we could get

Wonderful Hirum and Eli

Pretty Yao Yao

Ren showing his moves

A partial family photo

Today we took the oath at the consulate. I get teary when doing it, to know that nothing can take him away. We also took red couch pictures. I would rather herd cats. Kevin did surprisingly well. He is really beginning to love his little playmates. It makes me feel better about getting him home with Claire. We then said goodbye to travelmates...always bittersweet. I know we will keep in touch, but you seem so isolated here. We all truly know how the other feels. It will feel so good to get back home. I may not let my girls go for a week.

Every call has a beginning. A quiet moment when God whispers a promise to a mother’s heart . A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts the journey set before him. A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns… Casting its first light on a chosen threshold. A gentle knock..a closed door opens, a sacred invitation sent by the Father.. leads to the other side of the world. Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows praying for someone to care.. and then one morning, on an ordinary day an orphan’s life changes... God sends them a second chance...Through you..
--author unknown
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