Nov 29, 2006

2months at home

I can't believe that our sweet Claire has been in our home for 2 months. She continues to grow and amaze us everyday. Today she said cracker....yes only mother could understand it, but she was pointing at a cracker when she said it. Her capacity to love is humbling. She is so joyous everyday. She is curious and beautiful inside and out. I can't believe it took so long to get her here. We fall more in love with her everyday.

DANG I wish I could find our camera.


Nov 25, 2006

Thanksgiving Fun and Feasting

I have the worst luck with cameras. Remember I lost one in China and now I have MISPLACED our camera at my mother's house. So, I have Thanksgiving pics I don't have the camera.

We feasted at my mother's with 7 adults and 8 children. Claire tried everything we put in her mouth. Her faves were turkey, dressing, yams, mashed potatoes, and strawberry jello salad. She did great around such a big crowd. Can you guess that we are fairly loud as well? My brother was amazed that it didn't phase Claire if someone would yell across the house to someone else. She has almost overcome her enormous fear of dogs. She loved all her cousins, especially my 12 yr old nephew. He was unsure of what to make of all the attention that Claire wanted to give him. Really precious to watch.

We can't wait to have Christmas with Duane's family and give them the chance to experience her sweetness and pure joy at everything she sees. I am so sad that it has taken so long for our schedules to be in sinc. I know she will love them as much they already love her.

I promise to post pics WHEN the camera is found. I have been reading other blogs and sounds like there was fun had by all this holiday. Everyone ready for Christmas with our new girls??


Nov 20, 2006

working girls

The girls love the cool autumn days....I can't hardly keep them inside. Mornings are another story, but once we get warmed up...we are outside. Claire is beginning to love the dogs...she doesn't scream when they come into the house, but still won't touch them.

I can't believe that we have been home almost 2 months. Our little girl is growing and learning everyday. She has fallen into the perfect little sister role...always touching Hannah's things and not wanting Hannah to have any other her things. Hannah is adapting very well. I thought I would list all the wonderful accomplishments that have happened since we arrived in the states.

Words...mama,baba (daddy), nah(Hannah), nigh nigh, meow, woof, tat u (thank you).
actions...stairs, standing from a sitting position, doorknobs, riding Hannah's scooter (with help of course), shopping cart, carseat, and high chair.

WHEW that is quite a list for less than 2 monts. It is hard to think that she will be 2 yrs old in just a few weeks. What in the world will she accomplish next? The world is her oyster.

We are busily getting ready for Thanksgiving company. Claire will meet so many new people. I can't wait for the rest of my family to experience the beauty that is Claire.

Enjoy the pics...thanks for stopping by.


Nov 10, 2006

For all you non-bloggers


Nov 7, 2006

November happenings..lots of pics

Claire is still practicing feeding herself. She isn't the cleanest eater, but she is coming along. We went to a couple of showers at Duane's work and were really blessed by his friends and co-workers. They even showered Hannah with big sister gifts.

It seems that the girls grow closer everyday. They have their own games that Daddy and I don't play. They love to chase each other and have really begun to play on the trampoline together. Hannah is so gentle and patient with her, it is such a joy to watch. I can't believe that we are coming up on the holiday season, where did the time go? It will be so great to see Hannah AND Claire enjoy the family and traditions of the holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by..enjoy the pics

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