Apr 27, 2007

We don't need no stinkin' white belts

Hannah tested for her next belt in Tae Kwon Do...she did beautifully. She did all her forms (20) and broke a board in two with her kick. She is now an orange belt...that is what the board says.

Nothin' better than a post it

This is the latest fashion craze around here. I am forever walking around the house and Hannah will say, "you have a post it stuck to your foot again"

Apr 22, 2007

We have a winner!!!!!!!!

Hannah participated in her first Tae Kwon Do tournie on sat. She received a silver medal for her forms (all 20 of them) and a 4th place medal for sparring. This was her first time to spar in gear, needless to say we (and her) are very proud. She truly has found a sport that she loves....funny it involves kicking and striking people??????


Apr 20, 2007

Thank you God for my beautiful girl

How we love the sunny weather.

Lily and Claire wanting outside

My beautiful one (of 2)

Apr 16, 2007

Now on a lighter note.

My sister gave Claire this toy when she came home. Needless to say with our fear of animals in the beginning we didn't get much use out of it. She now has discovered it and can't believe how wonderfully the balls fit in her mouth. Since I have a HUGE fear of choking I pulled on these balls for all they are worth and they won't come off, but just in case I discourged her from doing this when mommy isn't watching. She also has really begin to love the rocking horse my grandfather made for me when I was in high school...."Memories, from the corner of my mind...

Enjoy the cuteness

I knew this would happen....

She is such a daredevil....off the ladder and bounced off the bottom rung. Please don't call the authorities.

Apr 13, 2007

New swing and action shots

He is what my man built in the backyard. The fort part still makes me nervous as Claire LOVES to be up there and still doesn't have any concept of fear or falling.

These are action shots of Hannah at Tae Kwon Do. She is getting ready for a tournie next sat. She is a little nervous as Grandmaster Sang Kim will be helping her. It is so cute to see her be so structured. They have to bow as they enter and leave the room. How come she can't do that at home????

Claire's speech is moving right along. She can really begin to put 2--3 words together to make a sentence. Such a bright girl!!!

Apr 2, 2007

April is here and we are loving it.

So nice to have spring around the corner. We love to be outside so much. We do love the winter, but it feels so wonderful when spring is here. We have a new swingset, I said I wouldn't put up pics until it is through. Men and their pride....He has done very well. He did the majority of the work himself. He had a good friend come over one day and help, the rest of the time he was really on his own. He is such a good man.

We are ready for the Easter bunny at our house. We have carrots for him to munch while he fills baskets. Claire again won't get much out of the real reason for Easter, but hopfully she will enjoy the bunnies and candy.

Hannah wanted a short do for summer. As you can see she got it and it looks pretty cute if I do say so myself. She enjoys going to the salon so much, she probably wishes I weren't there to cramp her style. She kept saying...this new hair do makes me feel lightheaded. I got what she meant it just sounded so funny.

Happy Easter

Every call has a beginning. A quiet moment when God whispers a promise to a mother’s heart . A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts the journey set before him. A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns… Casting its first light on a chosen threshold. A gentle knock..a closed door opens, a sacred invitation sent by the Father.. leads to the other side of the world. Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows praying for someone to care.. and then one morning, on an ordinary day an orphan’s life changes... God sends them a second chance...Through you..
--author unknown
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We are a family now, a whole,of which you are a part,and you are just as much our child as any in our heart. We do not love you differently,nor would we give up less of all that life has given us to bring you happiness.There is no limit to our love,no boundary you might cross,no price you may be asked to pay,no need to fear its loss. We are now one, the five of us,windows of one home. As long as we have life and breath,You’ll never be alone.~Nicholas Gordon

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