Oct 22, 2006

More fall festivals and fun

Sat we went to Hannah's schools fall festival. It is always nice and small and she likes to see her friends. We then went out to eat and made a day of it. Claire still doesn't like the crowds but she would run around with Hannah a lot. She still doesn't want anyone else to touch her, which makes us feel more secure about her bonding.

She has begun to "sing" when she hears music. No words of course, just beautiful baby gibberish and melody. She will start to sing at the strangest times as well. She can be eating and then break out in song. Below in the pictures you will see her signing for more at the resturant. She is so smart, but yet so willful. It truly keeps me on my toes.

Hannah remains such a joy and great helper. She loves to "mommy" Claire and want to do alot by herself. It just still bothers her that sometimes Claire just wants mommy or daddy. I try to explain that she did that too, but she doesn't believe that she did.

Claire will be going as a ladybug this yr. and Hannah will be going as a witch. We love to visit my mother's neigborhood, as there are not many small children and the folks get a kick out of Hannah, now they will have Claire as well.

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Diane said...

jena has also started singing! very cute. looks like claire is getting more comfortable gettign out and about.

juliesfamily said...

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a big hit in our house. Mary sings, and Claire Ling does the hand motions. No singing yet (except for the 16 year old witht he bass voice...does that count?)

The picture of Claire signing is sooooo cute!

julie w

juliesfamily said...

I MEANT to say, no singing from Claire Ling yet!!


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