Nov 29, 2006

2months at home

I can't believe that our sweet Claire has been in our home for 2 months. She continues to grow and amaze us everyday. Today she said cracker....yes only mother could understand it, but she was pointing at a cracker when she said it. Her capacity to love is humbling. She is so joyous everyday. She is curious and beautiful inside and out. I can't believe it took so long to get her here. We fall more in love with her everyday.

DANG I wish I could find our camera.



Julie said...

I wish you'd find that camera too, I need some new photos!!!

jerry said...

Have you looked in the bottom of a fishpond? That's where ours ended up on Thanksgiving Day. Luckily, it works now. The problem is, we can't shut it off. When we do, it just comes back on (kind of like it's been possessed). Good luck on finding the camera. We feel your pain, there.

Good to hear that everyone is doing well and bonding so easily.

Zoe is doing great, too. She's a smiley, playful girl. Go to our blog and see Doug and Katie bouncing her around on the trampoline - it's funny.

Take care -

Jerry Varon

juliesfamily said...

have you asked Claire where it is?

julie w

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