Dec 14, 2006

Christmas trials and triumphs

Who is ready for Christmas at the Smiths?? We can compete with any circus you have ever been to. We also have our own form of Christmas carols. Claire sings those often (see first picture) and Hannah asks everyday to open "just one of my really small presents". I can't keep enough egg-nog stocked in this house to make it a really JOLLY holiday!
Seriously, we are looking forward to a holiday seen through the eyes of a 2 yr old. I thought that would be filled with awe and wonderment. I know now that it is filled with screaming for more candy (given by well meaning friends) and questions from my older child like, "does she have to come with us everywhere?" Merry Christmas to me.
I broke out the potty chair today as Claire has become increasingly verbal about her dirty diapers. I thought maybe we could get used to seeing the potty around. She enjoys sitting on it, and putting crackers in the bowl. Hopefully after Christmas we can really begin the joys of that.
Claire also has become a drama queen when it comes to getting hurt. If she bumps her head she runs to get a kiss and proclaim "better", she then finds about 25 different places that have been hurt in the past and we do the same thing. It is such an exercise in tolererance and love. I know that she needs this, so we indulge her when it happens. Thank goodness she doesn't hurt herself everyday.

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Diane said...

'2' is soo mcuh fun- ihave to allow and extra 15 min in the morning so Miss Independent can climb into thhe car by herself. And that sweet sisterly love (I love you/I hate you) just can't be beat! At least I can remember i am a big sister too!

Julie said...

Happy 3 month gotcha day anniversary, this is fun having friends like you to compare notes with. These girls are SOOOOO much alike!

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