Apr 13, 2007

New swing and action shots

He is what my man built in the backyard. The fort part still makes me nervous as Claire LOVES to be up there and still doesn't have any concept of fear or falling.

These are action shots of Hannah at Tae Kwon Do. She is getting ready for a tournie next sat. She is a little nervous as Grandmaster Sang Kim will be helping her. It is so cute to see her be so structured. They have to bow as they enter and leave the room. How come she can't do that at home????

Claire's speech is moving right along. She can really begin to put 2--3 words together to make a sentence. Such a bright girl!!!


juliesfamily said...

And WHAT a MAN! Good job on the jungle gym Duane!!

I can't believe Claire's hair, it is so pretty! Claire Ling's hair is STILL trying to grow out!

(for Hannah - you go girl!!)

Diane said...

very impressive! I have almost the same playset schedualed to be installed on May 2nd--and, yes, i am playing the company to put it up!

Verna said...

A swingset is one of our objectives this spring too. That's a really nice one. Do you think your hubby would be willing to build ours or maybe just send us the plans. ;)

Emmie said...

that is so cool that Hannah does
Tae Kwon Do...i've always wanted to bu never got around to finding where to take a class

Steffie B. said...

What a great swing set....it will be fun for them both! What a guy you have there! ;)

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