May 31, 2008


so proud of her earrings

Tomorrow marks ONE DAY MORE that Claire has been with us. I am not sure her nannies would recognize her now. She has and is continuing to grow into such a beautiful little girl. She has never been a baby doll lover. She readily gives and receives affection with us but not with any other "thing". This has really begun to change lately. Remember how a few posts back I mentioned that she was completely mesmerized by Mulan...well Hannah gave her a Mulan Barbie. She won't put it down. She sleeps with her and even tried to calm her in a thunderstorm. I am so glad to get pictures to show you. Once again, I must thank my wonderful God for picking us to be her family. She has really changed all of us for the better

Hannah has finished the 6th grade with As and Bs. We are so proud of her. I am also posting her award for Acedemic Excellence...signed by the President, of course. I tried to explain that to her, but she didn't want to hear it. Fine by me. She is growing more responsible everyday, thank goodness. I was afraid that would never come and I would be looking for her shoes and backpack when she went away to college.

We are eagerly awaiting our LOA for Kevin. We so hope to travel before he turns 2 in Nov. It has been told to us that the Olympics won't put a damper on travel approvals and such. I hope that turns out to be true. We are having our HUGE yard sale next week. Everyone has been so generous. I can't wait to post how geat we did with that. We have even had people volunteer to help us run it. Awesome!! Here is wishing you all a great summer!!


Andrea said...

Sounds like summer is off to a good start in your house! My dd (just turned 2) recently started getting into dolls as well. Except hers is currently Mickey Mouse. She sleeps with him, pushes him in the stroller and takes him everywhere!

I wanted to ask about your agency and how you found Kevin if you don't mind?
You can email me at if you wouldn't mind answering a few questions.

(Taiwan Adoption Group - momof2squirts)

Lois O'Brien said...

Both of your girls are so pretty--you are very blessed. (You also have one handsome little boy that is coming home soon!)

Lois O'Brien

laurel said...

Congratulations on such good grades! Wow!! We also loved the pictures of baby with her baby. What a sweet mama she is.

Hannah said...

Hey ppl! Sadly, Claire, who will grab any random piece of paper in reach to color on, has colored on that terrific award IN RED PEN! I sware, that girl makes me so angry! Cool posts mom! Hannah

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