Dec 27, 2008

For today

Psalms 118:8

Please let me live that. Day 106


Flamingo Mama said...

we are hitting 12 weeks next Friday. what a bittersweet day that will be!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't even know that it's been that long! I wish that we could have a remote like in "Click" and fast foward to the part where we get our LOA! The music is wonderful too!

Wuxi Mommy said...

Oh how we're sympathyzing with you!! We're quickly approaching 19 weeks.....but whose counting, really?! (kidding, kidding....well, not about the 19 weeks part....) Let's keep our fingers crossed that things pick up with the New Year!!

Hannah said...

Hey... just wondering, I was looking at your cute little tickers and I noticed that either I am going blind or Kevin's ticker is not there. LOVE THE MUSIC! HANNAH

Every call has a beginning. A quiet moment when God whispers a promise to a mother’s heart . A holy place where a father bows and faithfully accepts the journey set before him. A miraculous morning that unexpectedly dawns… Casting its first light on a chosen threshold. A gentle knock..a closed door opens, a sacred invitation sent by the Father.. leads to the other side of the world. Where lonely hearts stare out orphanage windows praying for someone to care.. and then one morning, on an ordinary day an orphan’s life changes... God sends them a second chance...Through you..
--author unknown
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We are a family now, a whole,of which you are a part,and you are just as much our child as any in our heart. We do not love you differently,nor would we give up less of all that life has given us to bring you happiness.There is no limit to our love,no boundary you might cross,no price you may be asked to pay,no need to fear its loss. We are now one, the five of us,windows of one home. As long as we have life and breath,You’ll never be alone.~Nicholas Gordon

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