Apr 2, 2009

Brocade factory and Nanjing Wall

Sorry, can't turn the pic. Sleeping at Burger King.

Beautiful pond at outdoor market

Mommy and Kevin at wall...sorry not able to turn

Nanjing Wall

Loom at brocade factory

I got in trouble for this one. 4500 yrs old.

More loomers

Row of loomers

Today we visited the Nanjing wall and brocade factory. I will post pictures of the brocade factory, but it is really like Las Vegas....pictures don't do it justice. It was truly fascinating to watch the teams of loom workers. They have to work together to make the beautiful things they make. They are able to make 2 inches a day. I don't think I would ever sell anything. It was truly amazing. No pictures were allowed in the museum part....I did break the rules once....see below picture.

We then went to the Nanjing wall. This is the first Great Wall. It surrounded the city of Nanjing, which used to be the capital of China. It was windy but still beautiful.

Our boy still tolerates me and will smile big cheesy smiles if sitting on Daddy's lap. We have had some sage advice from another family experiencing the same situation. Duane will now start kissing and hugging me....we will see if Kevin likes me any better if Daddy show more affection to me. Oh the sacrifices we make for our children...tee hee. He is such a good traveler, I hope this carries onto the plane rides home. We have some little ones that don't like all the time we spend on the buses and it is heartbreaking to hear them cry. Our boy likes to keep moving, so we have been really lucky.

Tomorrow we leave for GZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't tell you how glad we will be to get there. It also brings us closer to getting home to our girls. I can't believe how badly my heart aches for them. It is great to see them on SKYPE, but I feel like they have grown since we have been gone. A huge shout out to my mother who has taken such great care of them. Hannah says Claire doesn't even really ask about us....that was really shocking. She is such a homebody, I thought mom would have more trouble. I feel a sickness coming on, please pray for continued health for us all. I believe mine is all the smoking that goes on here. My sinuses are haveing a meltdown.

Enjoy the pictures.


Jodi said...

Hope and pray you stay healthy! It'll be so good for you to get to GZ!
Praying Kevin opens his heart to momma!
Or Jorja had a hard time coming to me - most of the time, not even wanting to tolerate me. But since being at home - and seeing the other kids cuddle with me and such - she is learning to trust and do that too.

Praying for y'all!

Jodi Sue :)

Mommy said...

Praying you stay healthy and strong. Hang in there...your half way home!

Julie said...

take care of yourself and have fune in GZ you know that was my favorite part of the trip--other than meeting Kacey of course. So glad that the girls are well they are amazing.

Heather said...

Love the pictures. Thank you so much for letting us know how your days are going (since I'll be coming soon after you!) I also love that you "cheated" and took a photo in the museum. How funny is it that the crazy American woman breaks the rules!

On the other hand, I'm sorry you're beginning to feel sick and that Kevin isn's completely sure about you. That stinks and I hope that Kevin will soon realize what an awesome mom he really has!

Hannah said...

Glad to hear that y'all had fun! It looks a lot better than the great wall of China. It was sooooooo humid and difficult to go up those steps! I can't wait until y'all get home! I can't wait to pinch those chubby cheeks of his! Loving and Missing you!


kelly said...

he is so sweet!! dont feel bad my kids pick duane over me!! we are missing you and cant wait to meet the new little man!! i'm going to try and get the kids some time this weekend!! the wind has blow half of our house electricity out so no bathroom or kids rooms?!?! darrells working on it today so we will see !!

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