Nov 6, 2009

Hatching a goose egg

Claire took quite a tumble during a wonderful chasing game with her brother.  So sad to see fun come to a crashing halt.  Needless to say, she has quite a goose egg to prove it.  I received another lesson in how LITERAL an almost 5 yr old can be.  She has continued to ask about "when the goose egg in my head will hatch".  Funny girl, I can't seem to make it right that she doesn't have a goose egg IN her head.  I tried to explain swelling, and how the egg was ON her head not IN go, she can't FEEL an egg on her head so it can't be true.  When she rubs her head she only feels hair and no eggs.  I guess when all the swelling goes away, she will believe the egg hatched....

Funny story about Kevin....I can watch him in my periphal vision while Claire and I are playing together.  He watches INTENTLY to what we are playing...we happen to now be playing teacher and student (guess which one I am) and he rushed to get books and began jabbering whatever Claire has just said.  He LOVES to do things to please us.  He watches reactions to things done around the house and trys to often do those things that make us happy. The moments are sparodic but are coming more often.  HE is really two yrs old and lives up to the terribel twos alot.  His constant chant now is "do by self".....he doesn't seem to notice that he only really has one hand.  Husband always says "to him it isn't broken".  I have learned more patience in the last few weeks.  The joy on his face after he accomplishes his task is sooo worth it.

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Faith, Hope, and Love said...

That is such a funny story! What cute children!


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