Nov 14, 2010

Oooopppsss forgot to talk about halloween....

It was really great, again this year, to enjoy simple pleasures through the eyes of the pure hearted.   The joy of putting on pretend clothes and getting to let your imagination soar was really neat to watch.  I think we could have gotten away with just the wearing of the costumes with Kevin, but Claire knew the story....she IS in kindergarten you know.  I wish there were a way to truly capture the COMPLETE amazement that covered their faces when returning from a house.  Buckets held high and exlaiming at the top of their voices...."they gave us candy mom, they really did"  It was soooo precious....the first 46 times.  The weather turned a bit chilly, so we returned home to ogle the goods. 

Truly ready to fly

Asking if there is a REAL spiderman....

Cool post processing.  Claire with her princess pumpkin

Hannah was a great big sister and let them truly enjoy the nite.  She is really such a blessing to us all.

I know, I am as shocked as you are.  She let me take her picture

My mom with my3

Chewing and smiling

Lovin' the loot

Too sweet

Reading to her babies

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Elaine said...

Great pictures! Beautiful children! I miss you all.

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--author unknown
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