May 20, 2011

End of days....kindergarten that is.

Oh what a year it was.  Learning so many things and making so many friends.  She had demons to overcome and did so quite well.  The cafeteria is no longer a tomb of terror, and the playground became her very own.  I can see such a difference in her....she really is growing up.

Today was buddy field day.  The end of school party was a great big water fight with squirt bottles.  It was a huge success.  The funnest part was soaking the least we got them too.  She has made such sweet friends this year. There was a time that I didn't think she would ever find someone to really have a friendship with and be able to go through the years with...hopefully these are the ones. She has enjoyed her year and can't believe it is over.


Ellen said...

Happy to have found your blog as well! Kevin is a cutie ... as is Claire. Bike riding and swimming have been no problem at all for us ... I'm sure Kevin will do great!

urban muser said...

she sure looks like she is having fun there!

Joanna B said...

Hi Shelley, thanks for commenting on my blog! Have fun at the beach, I am excited to see how all the pictures turn out! Beach pictures are so fun! It is hard to get them to work, but honestly, we just keep clicking away, and we took about 400, and whittled them down to our favorite 30. :-)

Hoots Momma said...

Shelley, stay away from the chains... Bennos restaurant is a must on the seawall. The gumbo is the best on the island and if your kids don't like seafood, the chicken strips are delicious. Go to La Kings confectionary on the strand... You must try the cherry pie ice cream. I could write an entire post on this. We loved the historical home tour but the kiddos may not like this. There is great bakery for breakfast called the sunflower bakery. cant remember the street... also theres a GREAT old fashion drug store (SOOO COOL) on 23rd st. you can walk there from the strand it's called the Star. We just recently discoved a coffee shop on Post Office St. (or right near it) that has great local bands come and play. Very family friendly. Okay what else?? Where are you staying? You can e-mail me. We enjoy riding bikes, but not on the seawall... throught the awesome neighborhood right off Broadway... I almost forgot... Google "Galveston Tree Carvings/sculptures" in Galveston. You can park your car and walk down the streets to look at the old trees that died from the saltwater after hurican Ike. Murdochs gift shop has a GREAT balcony off the back of the shop with a dozen rockers you can sit in and enjoy the sound of the waves and the cool breeze. We go at dusk. They also have good pina colodas:) If you want to stay away from the crowded beaches there is a great beach on the west side. Drive west on the seawall (a long way) until you pass the RV beach. You'll come to a condo called Escapes, it's a paid beach and usually not very crowded. Family friendly and there are some great beach houses you can check out by walking. Okay just call us and we'll give you a guided tour! I could do this for a living! Oh wait I'm a stay at home mom now!

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