Sep 7, 2011

One week down and our spirits are still up..

We have completed one week of our no spending challenge.  Wednesdays are always weird because the teen goes to church early and then hubby goes to work in between times....whine whine whine.  Anyhoo...the teen had some of HER money left over from who knows what and wanted to by herself some quicky dinner and not eat at home.  Ok I say, but the two little ones in the backseat will require an explanation as to why they aren't getting anything.  Once my heart started beating again, I realized she had ordered them their favorite drink.  To share, lest you be REALLY shocked.  I was so very proud of her, I believe the extra time we have been spending together this week made her feel a little more generous towards them.  Sometimes that seems to be a problem, they have each other and she still feels like odd man out sometimes.  Not really interested in adult conversation....wait I think it is US that isn't interested in 15 yr old drama, but yet she doesn't really want to PLAY with them.  We have also been blessed with cooler weather, so it makes our spirits soar!  We were so sick of hearing about records being set everyday.  I heard someone say that the devil called and wanted his weather back.  That is exactly how we felt.

We are actually looking forward to next week to see if mom pulls out some more recipes from "the bottom of the drawer" and wow everyones socks off.  We will be having a non home cooked meal on Claires family day....I can't hardly wait. I am already wondering if I will order the same thing or try something new off the menu.  It is a family (from Taiwan) run Chinese place that will blow your socks off, can you tell I don't like wearing socks, I seem to be wanting to blow them off all the time.  They are such a sweet couple and the food will take you right back there.

Stop by and say hello to her and give some encouragement.


sweet momma luv u said...

Hi!! Thanks for all the sweet comments. I love the challenge. I am glad to see how wonderful you guys are doing too. That was very kind of your daughter to share with the littles...

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.

Christie said...

I agree with Jody - such a great thing to see our kids putting our hard parenting work into action. Sharing with the younger ones was a really kind gesture. Love that! Keep up the great job, Shelley!

Kayce said...

I too Shelley am LOVING your comments!! I just replied to one through my email and realized it went into lala land because there was no email address there. LOL!

I love that your teen did that for your little ones. Those teens can sometimes surprise us with their love and understanding. She's a good big sister!

The week ahead is sure to be a wonderfully challenging one for us all! We're all in this together!

Happy Family Week!!!! :)

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