Jan 23, 2012

Heart hurt and some pics

Today Claire was SUPPOSED to wear her Chinese silks to school.  We had planned our celebration for her class together, so she knew what was going to happen.  This morning for school a fit was thrown over wearing clothes that we had picked out.  She wanted jeans and a tshirt. It really would have been a better idea to discuss this wardrobe change at a different time than 0645 AM, but I digress.  It was not a problem for her not to wear her silks, I just wanted prior knowledge of that decision.

I asked her on the way home why she had a problem this am.  She replied (I was a little heart broken) "I don't want to wear Chinese clothes when no one else is". I remember, even as soon as last year, she LOVED wearing her silks and reveled in being "Chinese like Mulan". I am amazed at what a year does.  She is fastly becoming so socially aware of things going on around her.  It makes me sad that she wants to be part of the crowd, I knew the day would come, just not so early.

Kevin was ok....again I guess he is naive to the social stigma of being different.  I want to let my girl be who she wants to be and I won't ask her to do anything that makes her uncomfortable, but I do want her to be proud of who she is and who she will become.

We went for a book reading about CNY and gave red envelopes and chopsticks.  It was a great time but last too short for any pics really.  I did take some on the couch this evening.  I hope I will always remember her posing....notice the brother wasn't interested.
Happy New Year !!

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