Jan 31, 2007

More snow on the way??

You always have a concern when a weatherperson says "this is really going to miss us and leave snow in other places" and you wake up to snow on the ground. They say more is on the way and I now tend to believe.

I thought I would catch up on Claire's vocab. She says...some animal sounds, she will repeat anything you ask her to say...sometimes trouble with a big sister. She has come to really love books...will she learn to turn them right side up?? She is beginning to master wooden puzzles...still somewhat frustrating with the whole up side down problem. She loves to "sing" at church...she just doesn't stop when we do. She still doesn't like the nursery, but will stay if Hannah stays....Hannah likes to stay. I would say all-in-all Claire can say about 25-30 words/phrases. She is still so curious about everything...she was really fascinated that you could take a book under the covers and read. She loves to open and close anything and everything..books, doors, dvds, cabinets, toilet lids, zippers (found out the hard way that can be trouble).

Thank you God for continued health and happiness for us and all we know and love.


MattandSara said...

That's great that she's saying so many things. I don't think my own two year old has that many words...we're working on that. Stay warm over there!

juliesfamily said...

I can't believe how much like our Claire she is, it was like you were describing Claire Ling!

julie w

Steffie B. said...

Great to hear that she is doing so well. Both girls sure are cuties!

Emmie said...

My name is Emmie and I found your blog through my mom. (steffie b.)I love reading about your daily activities and girls!

It's good to hear Claires learning so many words and new things! I rememeber when Sophia hated going to the nursery unless I went with her too. She has grown to really like it now though. We just make sure to tell her we'll come back to get her when church is over.
We have a ton of snow here and continue to get more as well! I'm sure your girls are having a fun time playing in it together!

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