Feb 8, 2007

A small dose of cuteness and health update

Claire is feeling much better...fever, coughing, and LOTS of snot. I was afraid it would settle in her lungs, but we avoided that. Now my hope is that we don't have anyone else sick in the family.

The picture where she is holding up her hands, is the way she asks to be held. She says, "hod you" and holds up her hands. Pretty adorable if you ask me.

Hannah brought home a class selection list for MIDDLE SCHOOL. It about broke my heart. I remember her first day of kindergarten and can't believe she will be going to 6th grade next yr! Where do the yrs go?


juliesfamily said...

Claire is soooooo cute! And I'm glad she's feeling better!

Wait till you reach those highschool years, and then college. I look at my oldest (23) and think, where did the time go. My sweet little blond haired blue eyed boy, is now a man, trying cram is 4 year degree into 6...or 7 years :) My chubby faced little brown eyed teddy bear is now 17, and the tallest on his b.ball team, and when he sings the national anthem, it brings tears to my eyes. I REALLY try to enjoy and be conscious of the time I spend with my little girls!!

Pick some good classes Hannah!!!

julie w

Diane said...

pretty darn cute! and glad to hear you fought off theevil resp bug. Stef has a playday at her soon to be kindergarden in 2 weeks. how can that be?

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