Feb 8, 2007

Funny things I have been meaning to tell..

When Hannah rides her scooter in the front yard, I make her ring the doorbell every three times she passes our house. Each time she rings the doorbell I yell "thank you" she answers back and etc...Now when our doorbell rings for any reason or there is a doorbell on t.v. Claire yells at the top of her voice "taint tu"

When Claire is through eating, she MUST get down from her booster chair and buckle the safety belt. If I beat her too the punch, because we are in a hurry and she takes a little bit, it is too much for her to bear and she falls down in the floor saying her word for open. Now even Hannah doesn't try to help her buckle the strap. Hopefully she will grow out of that soon.

She loves to play peek a boo with the little girl who lives on the other side of the oven door. She also loves to "talk" to the little girl who lives on the other side of our back door leading into the garage.

She BELIEVES that the little Chinese girls in her favorite video are listening to her sing and watching her dance. She has the video memorized and does the dancing before the girls on the video do them.

She will now do without whatever she is asking for if she has to say please or thank you. It truly is funny to watch a child walk away from candy because she doesn't want to say the word. No fit throwing, crying, just simple disinterest.

She has three words that sounds EXACTLY alike...elmo, almost, and animal....I NEVER get it right on the first, second, try...

She still will not bite a noodle off...she slurps the whole thing in. We have been buying our noodles from a Chinese market in town and they are really long.

Everyone is well and happy. Hannah can't wait for school to be over...she seems to be struggling with more responsibility given to her at school. I try to tell her it is because she is so bright, but she doesn't like to hear it.

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Diane said...

love that post!! it's it great to watch those little personalities develop?

juliesfamily said...

So many changes in such a short time, she's sounding like SUCH a BIG girl!! :(

As for Miss Hannah; Hannah, my boys have always been in the tougher classes, and they too hated the extra work and responsibility. BUT, they also said it gets easier, NOT because it's easier, but because you get used to it. You'll find a new routine, and before you know it, you'll be asking for more! Don't you worry Hannah, YOU CAN DO IT!!! You're so smart, and pretty, and so nice too!!

julie w

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