Sep 4, 2007

Claire catch-up

My mother came ofver for dinner last night and we had a really nice visit. She reminded me that I should put more things in a baby book about Claire. I have a wonderful lifebook started...when we came home almost a yr ago. But I don't really have one of "those baby books" with so many milestone pages. So I decided to document some of Claires' stats.

She is 30.1 lbs and 37 inches tall. She is beginning preschool tomorrow and I am sure will love it but doesn't seem to keen about going now. She loves to imitate her sister. She is beginning to really learn to pedal a tricycle, but prefers to push with her feet. She is really exploring new foods, but still has to really inspect something before it goes into her mouth. She has ZERO interest in potty training and I need to be ok with that. I have potty trained one child, she will do it when ready. She wears 3T tops but, still tall and thin, she wears 2T bottoms. This sometimes poses problems because of her heighth.

She is really funny when no one is watching and really a ham when someone is. She loves to watch Elmo and Blues' Clues. She loves to color and draw(?)...we learned this in church on Sunday when silly Mom packed books to look at and she wanted to draw on every card in the pew. She likes her Sunday school class and soon I believe she will begin to want to go. Still dealing with some seperation problems. I am hoping "preschool" will help with that.


juliesfamily said...

I think our "Claire's" are really twin separated by birth! I felt like you were describing our Claire. She too, couldn't care LESS for p.t. And, she LOVES Elmo! She drage two of them with her, and three if I'd let her!

My feeling is, if they're not wearing a diaper when they're 16, they're ok.


julie w said...

Omg. Your little doll baby is tall! And thin. My Abbey is 33 inches tall and 33 pounds. At two... lol.... My girls love Elmo too....

juliesfamily said...

I just saw Hannah's new haircut on your Taiwan blog; she looks so grown up and beautiful! And yes, only the most confident of women can wear their hair short!!

julie w

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