Jul 9, 2008

Our 4th weekend

Waiting to go into the local amusement park.

More partying with the fam

Hi from the fam

Dancing with Daddy

Cousins dancing and having fun

Claire helping move chairs around.

We had a great weekend celebrating our nation's birthday. Claire loved singing happy birthday to America. We went to hubby's family's big celebration and had a blast. Tyler and Hannah were certainly missed. There was lots of laughing, fireworks, and singing Kareoke. We hope to do it every year. It always takes Claire a litle bit to warm up but then loves dancing and being with her family.
Hannah has been at my sister's this week and having a blast there. This is the longest she has been away from us. She went to church camp one week and then a week with my sister. I guess this will be good practice for our China trip. Claire has certainly missed her. She will be glad to have her back. Hannah's dog has been looking very lonely lately too, she will really be glad to see her. I didn't realize how much I would miss her. I guess my baby has really grown up.

News from the adoption front.....NOTHING. We are still waiting on the ever elusive I171. We got fingerprinted in 6/13....I wish they would hurry along with ours. I am ready to send my dossier in!!!!!!!

Glad to know everyone had a safe and fun 4th.


Andrea said...

It looks like it was a nice 4th. I hope your 171 comes soon. Funny how incredibly important this most unofficial looking paper is isn't it?

Julie said...

Looks like a great party. I think I would like Duane's family:)

Hannah said...


Rebecca said...

Praying that 171 comes quickly, sweetie!!! That precious boy needs to come home to such a fun family. :)


laurel said...

Good luck on the 171...I am sure the holiday slowed them down. Glad you had a great holiday. Let us know when the mail man brings the every loved document!

Tish said...

Hope your I171 comes quickly!!!!

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