Jul 21, 2008

WOW...what a roller coaster

I was elated when my husband called and said the I171 was here. Imagine how good I felt this afternoon, knowing that the last dreaded piece of paperwork was safely at home to begin it cert/auth journey tomorrow. I was almost giddy the rest of the afternoon.
I raced in the door to find that he had opened the brown envelope and laid the paperwork out nicely on my side of the bed so that I would see it first thing upon entering the bedroom. I looked lovingly at the paperwork with a peaceful mellow feeling, and immediately became filled with sorrow.
Our fingerprints were to expire in Sept. of 2009 and they put the same date....except they put 2008. I know you can't believe there would be a mistake on paperwork that we have WAITED FOR 90 DAYS to receive. I went to the kitchen for a glass of wine immediately. I could see our travel dates slip farther and farter away. The only silver lining I see in this.....we had a misspelling on our I171 with Claire and I remember they were fast at correcting that and resending. Maybe it will only take a couple of weeks. I have to go back to the wine bottle now....I will let you know more after I speak to someone at Homeland Security tomorrow. Please pray that I remain calm for Kevin's sake and appeal to the person's human side.


Diane said...

Sometimes we can't see the answer until we cross the finish line but I firmly believe- in this adoption journey- timing is everything. There was a mix up with my I-171 for Jena. Had I not been delayed a month I would have traveled to another province, for another baby and I would never have met the Smith Family.

Lois O'Brien said...

How frustrating! I am praying that this will be resolved quickly.


Elaine said...

Hi Shelley,
Praying for a super fast easy fix!
Elaine (with Homeland)

Cindi Campbell said...

Poor Kitty cat!!!!
Cindi Campbell

Rebecca said...

Oh NO!

I would have been a wreck too... I am glad you have your faith to carry you through this! The delays are so hard. I KNOW! I'll be praying that they get that date fixed in record time...

Stacy said...

Oh Shelley...The wait is impossible especially when you hit a bump in the paperwork road! Hopefully, HS will fix their mistake and get you moving in the right direction. Until then, the wine will help!

Amy & Amelia AiChun said...

OY VEY!!!!!! I am so sorry. I know how precious those papers can be and how disappointing and frustrating it is when the info is WRONG! GRRR! Hang in there.


Julie said...

Oh Shelley, Nana saw your post first and we are so very sorry about the mix-up. I feel in my heart that it will be resolved soon. But just in case I'll pack a couple extra bottles of wine for Disney:) We can use them to celebrate!!!

laurel said...

That is awful. Hopefully they will correct it asap.

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