May 22, 2009

What to think

This only happened when he went to sleep. He popped the thumb in when he was in bed, only. About 3 wks ago he was having a hard time....not a real meltdown, but close to it. He just couldn't get over the "sadness". I asked him if he wanted to suck his thumb. He nodded yes and popped it right in. I held him "like a baby" and let him suck away. He now has the thumb in watching Elmo or just walking around....bored.

Let me tell you something, I have always been one to let them soothe how they want to. Claire continues to love her jersey lip rub often. I don't think adopted children should have to go through ANY more change than absolutely necessary. I think my concern is that if he begins to have his thumb in his mouth ALOT, he will not attempt to speak. He has really begun to speak more words....sometimes 2 together, and I would hate for that to decline.

He sure looks cute though doesn't he.....


Wuxi Mommy said...

What a cutie pie! I agree....go ahead and let him suck his thumb! SuSu is still sleeping in our bed, and it's so worth seeing her big smile every morning when she wakes up. If they're feeling secure, that's the most important thing.

laurel said...

That is so sweet.

Julie said...

if it makes him feel good what the heck i'm sure he won't be able to stand NOT talking for long!

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