Aug 31, 2011


. We have a clean organized pantry and a freezer that has been organized too.  We are ready to take on our challenge to spend NOTHING for 30 days.  We know that we will need milk and SMALL essentials like that. eating out, no spending on clothing, no movies, no coffees or huge drinks that last all day. The payoff for this suffering.....I mean discipline exercise?? Well, hopefully money will be put away for that big holiday that comes towards the end of December AND we will see that we don't have to BUY BUY BUY to be happy and satisfied. I have envisioned picnics with our family ( in the living room of course, because it is still 100+ everyday) instead of noisy fast food places and special movie nights with homemade popcorn instead of 5.00 buckets at the movies. Long walks in our neighborhood instead of long walks in the mall.

If you still would like to follow or join us, click on A bushel and A peck for details.  I will post about the progress and the missteps along the way.


Wuxi Mommy said...

Wow! I'm excited to see how this goes! I don't know if I'm ready to take this challenge yet!! How will I survive work without my large mocha late from dunkin donuts?? Wishing you success as you take on this adventure:)

Christie said...

I'm proud of you - you really sound like you're in it for the haul...

I love a CAN DO attitude! And I really love your ideas about how it will draw your family closer together. Great time to get the kids in the kitchen helping too!

Nancy said...

Good luck!

sweet momma luv u said...

Hope you are doing great on Day 3! We are in it also..

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