Aug 5, 2011

Some things for me to remember

Just wanted to jot down a few things to help me remember this trying/enchanting time with Kevin and Claire.

Claire dresses up in some sort of crazy outfit EVERYDAY. She says she is dressing for dinner (yea like we have ever done that).  She loves to put scarves on her head like long hair.  She wants long hair so bad but doesn't like to have it brushed.

Claire can't say matter how hard we try and no matter how hard she tries it still comes out valilla. She used to say live room instead of living room and now that is gone.  She is crazy about art and drawing.  She still has to go over the schedule for the day about 700 times before noon....even if there isn't a schedule of anything to do.  I know that school is so good for her because of the schedule.  She does so much better with that.

Kevin loves his shopping cart.  He carries everything he can in there.  Still having problems with him taking things that aren't his, but at least we know where to look now.  He is still Claire's shadow.  Sometimes that is good and sometimes that is bad.  He doesn't understand the concept of personal space, so he frustrates Claire often.  They do love to play together and the worst punishment they can have is to be separated.  I wonder if he wouldn't benefit from a little brother.....Duane says no way, but I am continuing to pray for wisdom and strength to parent him correctly.  He is still so new to the family dynamics, I believe he will find a comfortable place in his own skin.

Kevin loves to drive anything....scooters, bikes, cars....He loves to throw the ball and we are working on his aim.  I see NFL in his future. He loves his Daddy like no other.  He so wants to be big and do everything Claire does, but he can't do everything.  That is VERY frustrating to him.  He has started saying "but I only have one hand" Don't know where that came from, he can't use it around here to get out of work.  It must work at Nana's house.  HA HA


Debbie Sauer said...

They are so darn cute! Blessings

Elaine said...

OMWORD! They are so cute! Thanks for posting pics. We missed you so much at the reunion. I still have to post the pics. Hope you all are doing well. Love ya!

Amy said...

HA!! I *love* Kevin's "...but I only have one hand!" comment!! We're recently home (May) with our 2-year-old son who is LBE amputation. I can't wait until he gives me that excuse as well :) Good luck!

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