Jun 23, 2007

The fear is gone

I am not very good at linking to previous posts and all that fancy stuff, so you will just have to trust me on this one. When Claire came to our home she was TERRIFIED of the dogs. Screaming and running were the only things she knew to do for several months. Fast forward to now and we have a problem with stalking. She wants to brush their hair, teeth, put shoes on them, whatever is happening she believes the dogs need that done to them too. Sometimes it is funny (although never to the dogs), I am fearful that they may get enough and snap at her. DH has already said if that happens they have to go. So wish me luck as I try and stop the stalking at our home


redmaryjanes said...

She's just an animal lover and wants to know everything about her dogs.

Ruth said...

Shelly, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Yes, we do notice she gets more beautiful everyday. We have the same problem with our dogs except it only took her one day to start stalking them! They stay pretty close to me or under the bed if she is on the loose!


Steffie B. said...

That is hilarious......

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