Jun 2, 2007

We have come to a decision

This was the girls' reaction to no more potty training....for now.

I don't think she is interested. It truly isn't clicking and I don't want anymore stress with our family right now. I have just started back to work part time and the clinging has greatly increased. I am ok with changing diapers for awhile...even though there are the lucky ones who's babies are ready now. You know who you are!!! Who knows where we will be in one month.

On a brighter note...it has been so nice to get back to work with adults. I get to be out in the world and STILL raise my girls. It also helps me get organized throughout the week.

Our homestudy draft is in Taiwan. The next step will be revisions and changes. Hopefully there won't be many. I am ok with the timeline, as we still need to devote extra time to Claire. We are still practicing being a family of four. We want to give our undivided attention to the newest member. We trust that God has perfect timing.


theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

You know I have heard that they (children) will let you know when it is time to potty train. I wouldn't stress over it either.


Emmie said...

Glad you decided to just wait and not puch it! Good decession! :)

mama J said...

ahhh, potty training, what fun!!! We are doing the "potty is there, if you want to use it, great -if not, fine". Less stress for everyone.....

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