Jun 2, 2007

The time has come...

Looking for advice to make this easier on everyone involved.


Diane said...

when you figure it out let me know! We have started a potty training effort at our house this weekend, after learning our new pool club has a "no swim diaper" rule! jena is happy as can be to sit onthe potty- but no action. I have a canister of candies in the bathroom with a promise of candy for anything in the potty. she sits ands sits and get very angry with me when there is no candy given out! the new suggestion i have from the nurses at work is to put her on the potty as soon as she wakes up and turn the bath faucet on full blast- they say the noise will make her go and help her figure the whole thing out. i am axiously awaiting any suggestions you get! miss you all-

Steffie B. said...

I started Sophia watching the Potty Video and then after she would drink a huge cup of juice I put her on. They just have to get the hang of "when it's coming" and then it's all good.

theghelertertwins.blogspot.com said...

We are almost there. Meaning... starting to potty train. My Abbey will pick the potty up and carry (oh-so attractive) over her head and plop it down in the living room and then sit on it! Grosses daddy out. Totally. Please keep us posted on the progress. Rony

Emmie said...

ooo the potty training! Have fun with that! Sounds like my mom gave you the first thing we did...get the Potty Video. It got Sophia interested! And after she got the hang of it we started rewarding her with m n m's.
1 for wee-wee
2 for poo-poo
That sure got her to go! :)

juliesfamily said...

Ahhh, the wonderful potty training experience! I learned a LOT from "potty training" Miss Mary. She was very late, like 4 years old (but remember she still struggles a little with delays.)

We tried the candy route, IT NEVER WORKS! They just don't understand WHY if they SIT on the potty (and don't do anything) why can't they then have the candy. I got so stressed out over this one, "I" ate the candy!! We tried bribes of all kinds. We would end up in terrible fights at which point I would realized it wasn't worth it.

Finally, every month or so we would try....sit her on the potty, wait 10 minutes or so and see what happens. If they're resistent, forget it. If they seem agreeable, keep trying every hour. Claire is totally independent. I'm surprised she's not cooking her own meals yet; and SHE's just not interested. We can't help her out with anything else, but we can STILL change her diaper, no questions asked.

This truly is a case, when the child is ready....it will happen.


juliesfamily said...

ok, so I show my Claire the picture of your Claire on the potty; and in my best sing-songy voice, I ask her if she wants to go potty like the little girl in the picture. In HER best sing-songy voice, she very sweetly says no!

I figured anything is worth a try!!

love ya!!

julie w

Diane said...

BIG NEWS at our house- 5 days in a row poopy in the potty!! Now- it's more like "housebreaking" than potty training--I put her on the potty after dinner, we read a book and have a big celebration for the poop. It's a start!

juliesfamily said...

YEA for poopy on the potty!!!

(you know, in some circles we wouldn't be talking about this :)

(I'm glad I'm in THIS circle :) :)
julie w

Anonymous said...

Mya has got the pee pee down pat for the most part but poo poo is still a problem. Rewards are good--like when you do pee pee, you get to go to some special place. You can also point out people that she really likes and how they use the toilet. But mostly I think when they are ready, they will do it. So, if she is not ready, just wait a month or so and try again.

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